It just makes sense...

Your legal career is much more than credits. Its about opportunities, performance, satisfaction and visibility. Our ever-growing network of hiring managers at legal firms and corporate legal departments decide who to hire and know what they want and what skills are missing. We don't just listen. We deliver a synergistic value!

  • Tailored Courses

    All coursework we provide has been thoughtfully curated and tailored to efficiently and effectively deliver the skills you need to stand apart from other professionals.

  • Career Growth Map

    Avoid the confusion and embrace clarity in our course choices. Most of our coursework choices come straight from the hiring managers' needs and wants so you can see the impact immediately.

  • Increase Your Value

    The difference is clear. Professionals that keep up with their skills development and refinement are more frequently recognized and rewarded. Make sure you choose the right courses to leap ahead!

Synergistic effectiveness with Ave Staffing

Definition: Synergy [ sin-er-jee ], the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

  • Targeted learning that fill skill gaps identified by real legal employers

  • Tailored courses for learning efficiency & effectiveness

  • Immediate real-world results making you more competitive

  • Increase your recognition & job worth

  • Automatic inclusion in Ave Staffing Hot Lists for future employment opportunities

  • Learn anywhere at anytime on your desktop or any compatible mobile device!

Take Leaps, Not Steps

We've done all the research for you and figured out what skills are missing from the workplaces specifically for legal professionals. And we tailored our courses to hone in on what matters most. Now it is your turn to take the next leap!

Get world class continued legal education from the comfort of your home with Ave Education. Explore our catalog full of legal and paralegal courses with CLE and CPE credits. Competitive pricing for professionals looking for paralegal credits and attorney credits. Also, enjoy free courses to enhance your skills with on-demand access. Get up to date with the latest skill sets for North Carolina and other state bar associations. 24/7 Customer Service available. Access Ave Education services today!