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Make the Most of Your Staff

As an attorney, it is your responsibility to manage your paralegal or legal assistant. And because of that, you must thoroughly understand which duties can and cannot be delegated to them. 

Doing so will not only enhance the performance of your firm, but your relationships with your team as well. 

Regardless if you are looking at hiring a freelance paralegal, are currently sharing a paralegal with another attorney, or simply want to make the best use of your staff - be sure to invest into their development. Cultivating a healthy, professional relationship will allow them to learn your practice area, and will pay dividends in your future career.

We make it easy for you to succeed in your career with training from Ave Education. 

Included in this Course

  • CLE Credit (1 hour) in North Carolina

  • How to invest into your support staff's education and development

  • How to give constructive feedback to your team

  • Resources to find ABA approved programs

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Course Agenda

Utilizing Legal Assistants and Paralegals in your Law Practice

  • An explanation of the differences between billable and non-billable work, and how to delegate these responsibilities to your legal assistants and paralegals.

Paralegals Should be a Profit Center 

  • How to charge your clients for paralegal work and compensate staff on the quality and quantity of their work.

Improving Your Practice by Utilizing Support Staff

  • The importance of hands-on experience, and tasks that can be handled by non-attorneys.

Tips to All Attorneys and New Associates

  • A walkthrough of how to give immediate feedback, create an atmosphere of openness and create a healthy work-life balance.

Taking Your Paralegal Staff to a Higher Level
  • How to share staff with other attorneys and the importance of professional development and certifications for your staff.


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Shelby L.

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Meet Your Instructor

Firm Administrator & Paralegal

Karen Googe

Karen Googe has more than 30 years of legal experience. Karen currently serves as the Firm Administrator for Bell, Davis & Pitt, P.A. She is a current member of the NC Bar Association and has served on the Ethics and CLE Committee of the Law Practice Management Section. She has been a member of the Association of Legal Administrators since 2002, serving as President from 2008-2010. Karen currently serves on the Board of Associates in Christian Counseling as the Banquet Committee Chair. Karen and her husband reside in Forsyth County and have three daughters. Karen has a passion for helping people and was drawn to the legal field to fulfill those dreams.


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    Once the course is purchased, you will have access to it for 30 days.

  • Is this course accredited in other states too or just North Carolina?

    At the moment, most of our courses are CLE/CPE accredited in NC only. However, our goal is to offer accredited courses in all 50 states and have already begun the process of expanding our programs into other states. Each course will have the details of its accreditation on its respective webpage.

  • How do I report my CLE/CPE credits?

    After you complete one of our CPE or CLE accredited courses, you will receive a certificate with the pertinent course information you will need to submit for your paralegal certificate renewal. If you included your state ID# in your profile, this will be printed on your certificate. If not, you will need to manually write this in prior to submitting for renewal. CLE courses are automatically approved as CPE credits and should be handled in the same manner. For attorneys seeking NC CLE credits from approved courses, we will send your information to the state board for you on a bi-monthly basis. If you receive communication from the NC state board seeking payment for credits from one of our CLE-accredited courses, bring it to our attention at and we will promptly resolve the issue for you.

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