Billable Hours Made Simple

Properly preparing billable hours is incredibly important - and often overlooked. In this course, you'll learn the importance of billable hours, how to calculate them, maintain efficiency, and exceed expectations at your firm

Doing so will not only improve your performance at your workplace, but with your team and a clients as well.

Meet the Instructor

Certified Paralegal, Speaker & Entrepreneur

Bonnie Ruffin

Bonnie Ruffin has worked with plaintiff and defense attorneys since 1990. She has an Associate's degree in Paralegal Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. She served on N.C. Board of Paralegal Association as Chairman of the Board and operated her own litigation company from 2003 to 2018.

Included in this Course

  • Step-by-step breakdown of how to properly calculate billable hours

  • Tips on how to stay focused and ensure your worth

  • Interactive quizzes to test test your learning after each chapter


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"An essential"

Patrick G.

"I really enjoyed this course - Bonnie was easy to listen to and very engaging. Fantastic course for those looking to learn the ins and outs of billable hours."

Course Agenda

Breakdown the Billable Hours 

  • The importance of breaking down your hours needed on a daily basis because of staying on track with billing goals, not having to make up hours, and being overall more productive. Also, how to maintain consistent billing by having set hours everyday consistently to have a steady flow of billable hours.

Insuring Your Worth

  • An in-depth explanation on how to ensure your worth on paper by billing the amount required, billing at least 10% or more than the required billable hours, and finding out from your superior what an exceptionally good amount of billable hours would be.

Learn Guidelines

  • The importance of learning billing guidelines so you can be informed and be able to bill what the client will approve. Doing so will teach you how the client prefers their hours to be documented, and how to successfully support why certain hours were billed.

Lost Hours

  • An overview on how to avoid getting billable hours rejected for payment by the client - by being as detailed as possible. Understanding how to prevent lost hours will help you prevent your hours from being reduced by the client.

Stay Focused

  • An in-depth explanation on how to be as focused as possible on billing by managing time, having tasks written down, and minimizing distractions.
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