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Estate Inventory Planning

(Also known as 90-Day Inventory Planning)

As a paralegal, you are the liaison between the client and attorney - especially during challenging times. If a client has reached out to you when a loved one has passed away, chances are they need assistance in filing their assets. 

Be someone they can lean on, trust, and confide in. Paralegals are oftentimes the first point of contact by phone before they even have an appointment with the attorney.

In North Carolina, you have 90 days after qualifying as executor or administrator to file your initial inventory. This course will have you feeling confident in collecting the required information from your client - regardless of the size of their estate.

We make it easy for you to succeed in your career with training from Ave Education. 

Included in this Course

  • CPE Credit (1 hour) in North Carolina

  • Custom worksheet to use every time you're collecting a client's information for estate inventory

  • Up-to-date official documents to use for filing (in the state of North Carolina)

  • How-to on filing estate inventory for clients with Small Estates (or Collector Estates)

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Course Agenda

Importance of Estate Inventory Spreadsheet of Assets

  • An explanation of the importance of filing an estate inventory of assets, showing empathy for clients, and how to collect the required information.

The Information You Will Need to Collect

  • A walkthrough of all of the information you will need to collect to file the estate inventory of assets, and how to ask for them from the client.

Organizing the Collected Information

  • Demonstration on how to collect client’s information and organize it in a custom worksheet - courtesy of Ave Education. That way, preparing the official paperwork is seamless.

How to Create an Inventory Spreadsheet

  • A walkthrough of North Carolina’s official Inventory for Decedent’s Estate, and how to fill out each section.

Filing for Smaller Estates

  • A walk-through of how to handle a situation where a deceased person's name is $20,000 or less in gross value (in the state of North Carolina).


Check out what others are saying...

"Great course!"

Brianna M.

"This course was incredibly helpful and convenient for me to take at home. It was easy to follow and provided me with all the documents I needed. I definitely recommend other paralegals to take this course."

"Very informative"

Henry L.

"I encourage everyone who isn't familiar with inventory planning to take this course. There's always so much to learn, regardless of your skill level as a paralegal."


Meet Your Instructor

Certified Paralegal & Estate Planning Specialist

Amy Clore

Amy K. Clore is an N.C. Certified Paralegal with nearly two decades of legal experience. She has worked with well-respected law firms in several areas of general practice and specialized in areas of Wills, Trusts, and Estates, Personal Injury, and Domestic Law. She has the skills and knowledge of what it takes to be a great Paralegal and help the attorneys and firm be the best they can be. Amy is a graduate of Forsyth Technical Community College with an Associates Degree in Paralegal Technologies, as well as a graduate of Gardner-Webb University with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. She is also a wife and a mother of an 8-year-old son, whom she adores.


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