Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I take your courses?

    You can take our courses on practically any device manufactured in 2015 or later that has a compatible browser and sufficient internet connection. Most of our students use a laptop/desktop or a tablet but others have had great success using their phones while commuting on planes, trains or automobiles! It was important to us to give you as many options as possible because we know how busy life can become!

  • How do you decide what courses to offer?

    Our recruiting division, Ave Staffing, specializes in legal recruiting and works with a large network of legal employers. We collect information about skill gaps with their existing employees and applicants. This information drives the development direction for many of our courses so we can offer courses that provide immediate benefit to our customers.

  • Will you be offering more courses in the future?

    Absolutely! Our education division is relatively new so we are still developing many of our courses. We are also very particular about the quality of our courses so they need to pass multiple quality review check points before they can be published. We want to be the best and offer the best and most impactful legal courses possible so we will focus our efforts and specialize in fewer course topics to stay true to this core philosophy.

  • Are your courses for paralegals or attorneys?

    Both! Ave Education offers courses for both attorneys and paralegals to receive CLE and CPE credits. We also offer non-CLE/CPE courses for legal administrative assistants, legal office managers, and more!

  • Are your courses CLE/CPE accredited?

    Yes, many of our courses are approved for attorneys and paralegals continuing education credits, which means you will also receive credit for state programs that accept reciprocal credit.

  • Are these courses accredited in other states too or just North Carolina?

    At the moment, most of our courses are CLE/CPE accredited in NC only. However, our goal is to offer accredited courses in all 50 states and have already begun the process of expanding our programs into other states. Each course will have the details of its accreditation on its respective webpage.

  • What do I do if I don't have a state license ID# for CLE/CPE credits?

    If you don't have a license and you are just taking the course to improve yourself and become more competitive, you are AWESOME! You can just leave this ID# field blank for now and update your profile later when things change. Your license ID# is used on your CLE/CPE certificate when you complete a course to make your life easier when you apply for renewal.

  • My state license ID# didn't appear on my certificate of attendance. What do I do now?

    No need to worry. You can just write it on the certificate. However, make sure you update your profile so your ID will appear on future certificates. If you continue to have issues, please reach out to and we will resolve your issue.

  • How do I report my CPE credits?

    After you complete one of our CPE or CLE accredited courses, you will receive a certificate with the pertinent course information you will need to submit for your paralegal certificate renewal. If you included your state ID# in your profile, this will be printed on your certificate. If not, you will need to manually write this in prior to submitting for renewal. CLE courses are automatically approved as CPE credits and should be handled in the same manner. For attorneys seeking NC CLE credits from approved courses, we will send your information to the state board for you on a bi-monthly basis. If you receive communication from the NC state board seeking payment for credits from one of our CLE-accredited courses, bring it to our attention at and we will promptly resolve the issue for you.

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